Becoming obsessed with a song

Rarely I get a song in my head and I like can’t think about anything else. This has happened to me today and the song of the hour is These Days by Foo Fighters. I can’t even go into how much this song speaks to me. Total emotional connection and i can’t stop playing it. Okay rant over but I had to put it out there so maybe, just maybe, the song will let me have some peace.

Obviously inspiration of the day is NOW These Days by Foo Fighters.


My next project is chosen

My serial killer series that has the first book already written and just needs revamped is my next full-time project. I am making this a priority and hoping to have it ready to be seen within 3 to 4 weeks. Wish me luck!

On a side note… I talked with someone today’s whose guidance and direction was just what I needed. Look out world… Dani is back and ready to live again.

Song Inspiration… I’m going to go with Pink’s Try because that’s all I can do.

Only could happen to me

So I was running inside the house this morning, trying to get out of the mist and I ran smack dab into the garage door going up.  I knocked myself out for a few moments before I was able to crawl into the house.  I have a nice lump on the top of head.  Luckily the bottom of the door  has a rubber strip or I would have split my head open.  Just thought I’d share this bit of randomness a snippet of my life. 

Song of the Day.. well hummm… Tub Thumping by Chumbawumba.  Simply because it seems life sometimes knocks me down but I get up again!

Changes are a Coming

So I would love to thank Mary Abshire for helping me with some redesigning on the blog. I feel so much more professional. 

I had an extremely productive weekend writing and brainstorming. I know where my new series is headed and taken the plunge, first 3 chapters done.

I also am trying to learn how to navigate Good Reads and catch up on some reading.  My new publisher, Miranda Stork, has some extremely interesting books that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into, not to mention Wallbanger is calling my name.

Well off to create.

Inspiring Song of the day… Arms by Christina Perry.   Heard this song on the Safe Haven commercial and fell in love.

Desperately Seeking Coffee

Well the to do list keeps getting longer and longer but I’m not complaining.  Learning about a new medium is always tricky but hopefully soon I will be blogging like a pro.   I’ve yet to broadcast this little gem, wanting a bit more professional appearance before I unleash it on the  unsuspecting world.

Today is just going to be a short and sweet  entry as I set off on my quest to find the perfect cup of Joe and try to finish up the first five things on my list.

Song of the day… Ed Sheeran – Lego House (just because Ron Weasley is in the video)

Rantings, Musings and other Musings


I have been pondering a few things in my life and found the following to be true.

1) The best inspirations happen when I’m in the tub, driving in traffic or when it is completely impossible to write them down.

2) When my son is out, when I have time time, a quiet house or no interruptions, I can’t write anything worth reading or keeping.

3) Life altering ideas that will surely change the world, that just happen to be conceived after drinking a few adult beverages, never seem that great the next day. 😦

and finally

4) Nothing (well except a smile on my son’s face) is better than opening an email to receive your first submission acceptance and think that maybe, just maybe, a lifetime of living in my head was worth it.


The musical inspirations for today is…  The Wanted- Glad you came. (Not because it is the best song but because the idea of a boy band singing a song about possible sexual satisfaction makes me giggle.)

Until Next Time