Rantings, Musings and other Musings


I have been pondering a few things in my life and found the following to be true.

1) The best inspirations happen when I’m in the tub, driving in traffic or when it is completely impossible to write them down.

2) When my son is out, when I have time time, a quiet house or no interruptions, I can’t write anything worth reading or keeping.

3) Life altering ideas that will surely change the world, that just happen to be conceived after drinking a few adult beverages, never seem that great the next day. 😦

and finally

4) Nothing (well except a smile on my son’s face) is better than opening an email to receive your first submission acceptance and think that maybe, just maybe, a lifetime of living in my head was worth it.


The musical inspirations for today is…  The Wanted- Glad you came. (Not because it is the best song but because the idea of a boy band singing a song about possible sexual satisfaction makes me giggle.)

Until Next Time


One thought on “Rantings, Musings and other Musings

  1. kraftychik says:

    All those things are so true, it’s not even funny! Guess it’s the life of a writing mom. 🙂

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