Last minute details

Today is filled with all those little thing this you put off till the end, right before a trip.  My promo items should be at my house by Friday, a weight lifted off my shoulders. 

Running to hair dressers today.  Lord only knows what color my hair will be when I leave. Purple, Pink, Blond, hell maybe even Black.

I’m going to relax and push all thoughts of my books out of my head for the next couple of days. 

Hope to have wonderful news to report from RT.

Until then…

Oh song of the day.  I have to go with Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet. I could sure use one.


So many projects, so little time.

Been absent for weeks now but was a very busy beaver.  I have Wayward Son,  Book One of the Tormented Souls Series off to an editor and a cover request submitted.  It’s my first venture into self-pub.  Seeing how that pans out.

I have the first round of edits of Insanely Drawn done, now waiting on round Two. I have a cover! well 3 actually.  One in English, French and Japanese.  The girls over at Moon Rose Publishing have been Fab.

All my promo stuff for Insanely is ordered and should be here before the Romantic Times Conference next week in Kansas City.  Going to have a blast seeing many old friends but also some new people I’ve met along the way.

Well… here’s the cover.  Enjoy.  BTW song of the day is Faith Hill- Let Me Let Go…  such a perfect song for moving on.