Out of the madness… a new idea sparks!

So I’ve had a hard week personally.  We all have them but out of no where… a story idea bursts into my head and grabs hold. Not only is it an idea for a book, but there is enough material of  at least two if not a trilogy.  It will have a supernatural element and I’m currently plotting like made.  God I love this stage when my mind is flooded with new ideas.  I love picking out names, what people look like, locations, houses, apartments, cars, and all the fun stuff. 

It seems when you are at a low point… if you just persist long enough… good things come. 

I have basically one week until I go visit a dear friend in Colorado and have a crazy girls mini vacation, well as crazy as is can get when children are present. I have so much to get done before then.

Listening to my writing playlist on spotify.  Seems a little Papa Roach was exactly was the doctor ordered.   Scars is the song of choice.

Until next time.


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