Having a wondeful day.

So many times I feel like I vent and complain but when something good happens, I stay silent.  Today, well tonight, I take to the blog to just brag about a particularly pleasant day.   First off, saw Superman this morning with one of my besties and let me just say… wow.  The movie was a visual success. The story tugged at my emotions. But the reason the movie works incredibly well can be summed up in two words- Henry Cavill. Sigh.  Be still my heart. Hell who am I kidding. Be still my aching lady parts.

Secondly, I had a nice visit from an old friend. We enjoyed some delicious Chinese food and two good movies.  I had forgotten how much I loved Heathers and what a sexy beast Christian Slater was, well still is frankly.

Lastly, I am half way through my edits on Wayward Son and finishing up the last details on getting that book out, probably within the month.  Two books in a month.  See… very happy.

So’, listening to my ‘writing’ playlist and going to pick a random song as my song of the day.  Daughtry- Over You. This is dedicated to my ex husband because if he had not been such a complete and utter fuck up… I would not be where I am today.  In charge of my own life and happy.



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