Ramblings of an INSANE mind

Well, it’s two weeks until the release of Insanely Drawn and my nerves are at an all time high.  Sleep is not happening. Eating… what is that? When I do sleep- nightmares about ugly reviews, comments, etc dominate the scenery. On the bright side… I’m losing weight. 

I’m glad I have Miranda and Moon Rose Publishing holding my hand and helping me out.  Also my friend Mary Abshire.  I know, without a doubt, I would not be doing this without her.  She has been a constant support. 

Also I have to thank the other support system I have . Jessie, Ang, Karen, Chele, De, Sarah, Michelle, Mist, Jamie, Dana, Lori, Janice, Mia, Nic, Sabine… oh I know I’m forgetting very important people but my mind is total mush.  So please forgive me and know in your hearts how much you mean to me and just blame it on the lack of sleep.  

Right now I’m have a BSB moment.  Song of the day is All I have to give.

Until next time.


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