Pinch Me

I saw what the print copy of Insanely Drawn will look like today.  There are so many little things I didn’t think about- copyrights, about the author, etc. Glad I have Miranda and Mary to help me through and not look like a complete moron.

Also, I still keep expecting to wake up and find out this is all just a dream. I also keep praying this doesn’t turn into an epic nightmare.

In other news, I am pounding away on the new story. There is still some really big questions I need to answer, but so far the characters are writing themselves and they will hopefully fill me in on their backstory.  Sawyer is still a bit of a mystery but Delaney is an open book.  I am also loving a side character named Rhys.  Funny how the background characters are more fun to write.

I’m trying to listen to spotify but it’s being a bitch.  But the song of the day is S&M the Rihanna/Britney version… hehehehehe

Until next time.


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