Self Realization

I often wonder why I tend to write about the dark side. In real life, I am a quiet, reserved woman, at least most times. I am slow to anger but when I explode, it’s nuclear meltdown time. So I guess its this keeping it all inside that drives me to write stories where I kill people or rip them apart and bare their souls for my readers. I can take out my frustrations in a safe, non-lethal manner and keep myself out of trouble.  So when I’m slitting someone’s throat, setting them on fire or slowly tightening the nylons around their neck, I’m picturing whoever pissed me off that day. As far as why I write down and dirty sex, more fucking than making love… well that comes from pure pent up need. LOL.

I know this is not interesting to anyone but me. But hey, this is a look inside my mind and that is what I’m thinking about today.

Listening to Adele tonight while I write… I will pick out Take It All for song of the day.

Until next time…


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