Gearing up for the offical release date!

So I’m in promo mode at the moment.  My first book officially is available for release on July 15th, 2013. Yep kiddies, that’s Monday!  Also starting Monday I will be starting a blog tour .  I’m winging my way through this people, so please forgive me if I get things wrong or out of order.  New to this. But hopefully… after another couple of books… I will know what I’m doing.  Fingers crossed.

Here is the tentative dates and places BUT things are subject to change.

15th July –

Cheree Crump

16th July –

Nicole Kuhn

16th July –

Jessica Wentz

17th July –

Sharon Pollock

18th July –

Julia Hendrix & Len Phelps

20th July –

Sharon Pollock

23rd July –

Maghon Thomas

25th July –

Miranda Stork

28th July –

Karen Aminadra

29th July –

Sheri and Jenn

Song of the day is Eye of the Tiger by Survivor. I took my soon to a sneak peek of Turbo this morning and that song was on… lord knows it will be in my head for days.

Until Next time…


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